Author:  Cherryle Orrock

Several years ago, I tried to find a concise bible pronouncing guide for my personal study and teaching. Not being successful, I determined to make my own concise guide. After deciding not to use diacritical marks, I composed a simplified system that included vowel pronounciation, correct word division, and stressed syllables. I've marketed the Guide in 'hard' copy, but decided it was time to make it available as an eBook. Most Bible readers now use portable devices, and this allows them to have the Guide within a few clilcks.

Over the years, I've authored, typed, and self-published several pamphlets, a cookbook, a genealogical study course, monthly newsletters and promotional materials for clients during my career as both Real Estate broker and Mortgage broker.

I've traveled extensively  including two visits to the Holy Land. (53 countries and all US states)

My BA degree is in music, and I've taught and performed throughout my life.

I live in the high desert of Southern Utah near Zion's National Park.

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